Information about Gary Martin — freelance Illustrator and Designer

Why choose Gary Martin for your creative design needs?

About Cheshire Designer

My name is Gary and this is the web home for my freelance work. It's the place to find out who I am and why I'd like to use my design skills to help you.

After studying Marketing and Graphic Design in Liverpool I worked at a variety of companies in London. I soon missed the North West and now live and work in Chester.

I have over twenty years of experience and continuously develop my knowledge with the latests techniques and skills in design, animation and illustration.

My Freelance Design Story

The idea to set up as a freelance Designer and Illustrator had always been at the back of my mind.

I feel that design agencies' costs are often too high for many businesses and that new start-ups shouldn't settle for substandard work because of budget constraints. There’s a place for professional design services that are affordable but offer the high level of service that a client should expect. That's my goal!

Why contact me for your graphic design projects?

Because I genuinely want to help people and make a difference to their lives with design — I can offer a complete design service for all.